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My bag handles are peeling; do you repair bags?
At Shoe Rehab, we also provide care for your favourite handbags… read more

My new shoes are too tight!
Shoe Stretching is used to expand your footwear and help ease the pain in the painful “breaking in” period. We can stretch leather, non- leather and suede footwear.

My white sneaker soles have turned yellow.
Over time Oxidization can cause Sneaker soles to become “Yellow”. Sneaker cleaning and Sole Whitening is possible but results may vary based on the shoe type.

My new shoe soles are extra slippery.
Protective soles are thin 1mm soles that add grip and prevent the original shoe bottoms from becoming worn; often doubling the longevity of your shoe soles!

 I love wedge heels; but they always seem to loosen up after a few wears. Is there anything that can be done?
Yes; Wedge Heels can be sewn in most cases which secure the upper to the shoe soles in order to withstand miles of walking! This process is hand sewn to ensure uniformity and du

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