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How to prevent sneakers from yellowing
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How to prevent sneakers from yellowing

How to prevent sneakers from yellowing

Yellowing soles can be a nightmare! The sad thing is that this is a natural ageing process known as oxidization, which is inevitable with some shoes. It just all depends on the fabric or material used on the shoe, as certain fabric/material will start to yellow, fade, or crack once it’s worn.

However, there are some tips to help prevent this from happening to your shoes. 

1.) Keep the shoes stored in cool, dark area away from light. UV Rays not only speed up the oxidization process, but also cause other damage to your footwear such as Sole separation and cracking. 

2.) You can wrap the shoes in cellophane wrap (Glad, Saran) or shrink wrap. This will help them from turning colors, and shoes get dirty or fade easily from people touching the shoes all the time. Shrink wrap is good for collecting or display purposes.

3.) Silica packs are everything! They can be found in almost any new accessory and are ideal for keeping moisture out which is another menace when it comes to the longevity of your footwear. 




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