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This part of the shoe always hits the pavement first, so naturally tend to wear out quickly!  We replace heels using a full rubber heel cap which are much more durable than the plastic versions most shoe manufacturers use.  Our heel replacements give you better traction and cushioning on every step and so is also a great option for new shoes!

Ladies Heel Replacement- Our Heel Replacements repair includes the following; Shoe Booties, smoothing out of scuffs, gluing liners, touch-up missing color* in the heel area. The job is also finished off with a general cleaning, conditioning and a basic polish to the shoe upper.  Available in black, oak, pink and red.

Other available Heel Repair services include:

Heel Replacement
Wobbly Heel Repair
Heel Covering
Heel Cutting

Men’s Heel Replacement – Whether your heels are slightly worn down or severely damaged to the base of the heel, our Heel Replacements are designed to have you up and running in no time!

In most cases the heel base is rebuilt to its original height with rubber before installing the new heel. The job is then finished off with a Deluxe Polish – Cleaning, Conditioning, Polishing and Waterproofing. Available in black, red, blue, orange and Leather Combo.

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